Saturday, September 5, 2009

Canon G10

I have this wonderful new camera that I basically don't know how to use. Finally, I decided to pay for some, three, individual lessons and I start Tuesday. Everyday I look at photos on Flickr and love love love how people document their lives. They are so into it and I want to be into it too, but I need some skills with my newly beloved camera.

Last night (new subject) I rented and watched "L'enfant," a wonderful movie that I had rented a year ago, having to solely depend upon the English sub-titles to understand it. I wanted to see if my skill level had changed. It had. I now watched it with French sub-titles and followed it pretty well. I'm wondering where I'll be at next year at this time...

S wants to be friends with me again, having forgiven me for being me, I guess. I told him that for right now I would just like to see him at the Saturday meditation meeting, and he respects that boundary. I saw him today and it was really nice. Having boundaries is something new for me. It's the theme of my life lately -- learning to set boundaries with little S, boundaries here, boundaries there. I think this boundary thing is going to be life-changing for me -- what it does is to show me that I can take measures around how much I want to give and not rush into things. With little S, it's also about how much I want to give...

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