Saturday, August 1, 2009

From 600 Second Write

Write for 10 minutes on the word "anticipation..."


Tomorrow I am going to a wedding reception, my pal Peggy, 52, having gotten married this Friday. Her first marriage and it's to Jackie, who is in her forties.

I am anticipating taking tons of photos with my new Canon G10 and hopefully they will turn out ok. I would be happy happy happy if 3 or 4 of them turn out really good, or even one. It's so exciting to "find" that photograph that has been waiting to be taken, magically waiting for you to arrive with your camera.

Horrors! I do not own any good "grown-up" clothes anymore and the only fancy thing I have to wear is proper-looking black pants and accompanying sweater. Maybe I can find a cool scarf to wear that will dress it up a bit.

I'll be the roving photographer...

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