Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I LikeTuesdays

I like Tuesdays because it's the last day I have to myself before I watch Stefan. It's a me-day...

I tried taking some pictures when I was in Sausalito this afternoon but there was too much fog. I have a film on the TV right now w/French sub-titles but it's not very interesting...

I am trying to put a photo or two on Flickr every day. That means that I need to take enough shots to get a few that I like. Not an easy task...

I joined a Flickr group just now called Thursday self-portraits, so once a week you submit a portrait of yourself. It's the first group that I've joined. I'm excited!!

Here's some things I wrote down from today's film:

1. On l'a retrouve. -- We found him.

2. J'avais sihonte. -- I was so ashamed.

3. I will have a bonus coming in January. -- J'aurai une prime en janvier.

4. Je n'ai personne. I have no one.

5. I will call you. -- Je t'appelerai.

6. You're going to need a lot of money to raise that one-year-old kid.
Tu vas avoir besoin d'argent pour elever ton fils.

7. The pipes can never freeze. -- Les tuyaux ne gelent jamais.

8. Elles n'ont rien. -- They have nothing.

9. Par ici! -- Over here!

10. I have to go. -- Je dois y aller.

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