Saturday, July 18, 2009


A long long time ago, some 28 years ago, I was in a serious automobile accident where I was rear-ended by a drunk driver and had to subsequently have root canals on two of my front teeth, not to mention wearing braces for a second go around in order to be able to correct my bite. (To this day I hold my jaw at an angle that looks like I am posing, my attempt to line everything up right.)

The two new "teeth" in front never matched the rest of my teeth, plus they didn't really look like real teeth to me. I think of them as George Washington teeth because they look wooden, like his did.

So, when I reached the ripe wonderful age of 60 I told myself that I was going to go to a cosmetic dentist to have those two wooden-looking teeth replaced with ones that looked more like the rest of my teeth. I am 62 now so it has taken me a while to put this into motion -- going to two separate dentists to get their opinions, spending a long time decising which person to choose.... I move very slowly.

So today I had my appointment with Dr. Yang and had an ex-ray taken of those front teeth, being told that there could be complications that could prohibit fixing them. Well, there was a complication. Apparently, the teeth are too short to fix -- they are not as long as the root --and taking off the crown and replacing those crowns wouldn't be a good idea. Dr. Yang honestly said that he would advise me not to do it, that why don't I try bleaching my teeth to at least try to make them the same color...

I really wanted to make this change in my appearance. I wanted this to work. But it didn't. And in the scope of things, I know that this is a tiny problem compared to other things going on personally as well as globally.

But still...

There was one funny thing that happened in his office today. When I got the ex-ray the technician asked me if there was any chance of my being pregnant. (Was she kidding me?) I told her I was 62 and the only thing I might give birth to would be a hot flash. Actually, she kind of made my day...

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