Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Park

I went for a walk in the park today with Rebecca. It had rained during the night and all the eucalyptus smells were wafting about. The sky was white and at the lake all the turles were atop the big stone turtle in the water, their necks craned upward in that impossible position.

We found a bench to sit on that wasn't completely covered in bird poop and talked for awhile, then walked around the lake. It's so effortless being with her and I don't think there's too many Rebeccas in the world. She never gossips about people and is so accepting. I hardly ever see her mad.

We talked about death, and I guess this is a subject you start talking about when you get older. Like who will die first. People are dying around me lately and in the news there's always somebody dying, some celebrity who I loved as a child and who I never pictured as dying. And it makes me feel old.

Today when I later picked up Stefan at school he was so happy to see me and my new pink highlights in my hair -- Rebecca says it makes me look like an artist. He said, Ahna, it makes you look so pretty and young! I guess pink hair would make you seem young.

Young and old. Old and young.

There was a big hawk in one of the tall trees. I had never seen a hawk in the park before. A young guy came walking up to us saying that the hawk was being very aggressive with a smaller looking hawk and we tried to figure out what it had been doing. Was it a mother hawk and a baby hawk? How fascinating that he saw something like that.

On our way home we saw some clothes someone had left on the street next to the garbage can and I looked through them and found a pair of Calvin Klein jeans in my size. I picked them up and brought them home with me.

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