Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tonight I Was Thinking About...

Tonight I was thinking about my Benjamin Biolay CDs that I listen to and how important his music is to me. I have always been a teenager at heart, listening to the same treasured song over and over again, never getting tired of it. Right now my favored song of his is Nuits Blanches from his Negatif CD.

I'm not even sure what he is singing about because he's one of those abstract songwriters who doesn't always make a lot of sense. But his voice travels into my heart and moves me. He has a way of taking you on an emotional journey through his songs.

I wish that I hadn't accidentally put one of his CDs into the wrong slot as I was driving. I'd meant to put it in the CD player but traffic was heavy and I shoved it into the space between CD player and the dashboard instead. I've tried everything to get it out -- several different kitchen knives, an emery board, double-sided tape on a long piece of paper, etc. etc. but nothing worked...

French. For so long now I have wanted to have a friend in the city who speaks French, someone I can hang out with who wants to learn English. I know that if I keep looking on Craig's list or wherever, I will eventually find one, but I've been looking for so long… I treasure my Skype buddies but there is something about seeing a person's mouth move when they speak that helps immeasurably in learning a language.

I'm going to bed now and at night I listen to the second CD of Negatif – it’s soft and perfect for going to sleep.

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