Thursday, February 19, 2009

What's in Your Purse???

What's inside of your purse? On, this was one of the questions put to female photographers. They emptied their purses and took a picture of its contents, all except for their cameras.

So here's what's inside of my purse:

1. a small black shiny cell phone
2. a beanie baby elephant that belongs to Stefan
3. a pair of overly large black sunglasses with one of the temples broken
4. small gold Post-it notes
5. Burt's Bee’s lip balm
6. loose change
7. a yellow highlighter pen
8. an article on fibromyalgia that a friend gave me
9. an estimate of how much it would cost me to get my teeth fixed
10. a letter from Social Security
11. an old envelope
12. a fortune from a fortune cookie that reads, "There is a prospect of a thrilling time ahead of you."
13. a spiderman band-aid
14. a blue pen
15. a deck of playing cards
16. a fortune from a fortune cookie that reads, "Your work interests can capture the highest status or prestige."
17. a packet of Eater's Digest herbal tea
18. old Kleenex
19. an emery board
20. eyedrops
21. a plastic bottle of vitamins
22. a package of rechargeable batteries
23. a large rubber band
24. a piece of paper with Cindy's recommendations for sunscreen written on it
25. ticket stubs
26. an Elmo band-aid
27. the words to Benjamin Biolay’s CD "Negatif”
28. an old class schedule at Alliance Francaise
29. the public library schedule
30. napkins
31. the swimming pool schedule for Rossi Pool
32. the ballot for the Oscar contest
33. the fortune from a fortune cookie that reads, "Good news will come to you from far away."
34. a broken pen
35. aspirins that have spilled from their case that has come open
36. the broken temple that belongs to my sunglasses
37. a piece of paper with a phone number on it but no name
38. my journal
39. the book, Seeking a Spiritual Life
40. a book of poetry
41. two novels
42. my black velvet makeup case with the gold roses and gold tassel, and inside of it is a lipstick called Spritz; a lipstick called Mocha Bean; a lipstick called Baby Girl; more eyedrops; eyeshadow called Gold Leaf; a lip liner brush; a lipstick called Transparent; a lipstick called Grape Purple; a lipstick called Shell...
43. my camera inside an old fuzzy blue sock
44. my gold leather wallet filled with credit cards, library card, business cards, my Muni pass, pictures of Stefan and Sasha and Raquel and Grant and Kayla, a five dollar bill and four ones, receipts from grocery stores and gas stations and restaurants, my checkbook, my check register, $.71 in change
45. a fortune from a fortune cookie that reads, "You and your wife will be happy in your life together."

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  1. I love this post!! You're carrying a little bit of everything from your apartment! This really made me laugh, thank you.