Friday, February 20, 2009

"This Is the Hungry Poisonous Forest" -- Stefan, 6 yrs. old

Each week Stefan gets fourteen new vocabulary words and he has to write each word three times and then use the words in sentences together. This week, three of his words were hungry, forest, and poisonous. Pretty big words, I might add, for first grade.

"How does this sound, Ahna?” We were both sitting at the dining room table at my son's house and he was doing his homework. He scooted over his paper and that was when I read: This is the hungry, poisonous forest.

I felt his love for words. He is like me. He is a writer.

Earlier that day, when I picked him up from school, he had been sitting in the courtyard with the other kids and it was snack time. The kids were all eating oranges and animal cookies. "I'm drinking the orange’s blood," said my little Pablo Neruda, sucking on an orange wedge.

He says things like this all the time. Because he's a child he views things in a fresh, tilted way. He lives inside of a language box that is creative and fun.

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