Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Journal Write: Write about someone who influenced your day today... (well, yesterday)

Tuesday I went to the de Young Museum with Rebecca. I am definitely not a culture vulture but now and then I end up at something cultural... It's good for me.

The main exhibit was a collection of clothing designed by Yves St. Laurent, who died in 2008. We entered a roomful of svelte, bald, styrofoam-white mannequins who were clustered together like at a cocktail party. They were dressed up in wool to taffeta, gloved, strappy-sandaled, with corniucopia-large earrings.

R and I strolled with the others through the dimly-lit rooms, taking it all in. On a placard on the wall we read that St. Laurent had been a shy man. Interesting, since his clothing designs were anything but shy.

St. Laurent. Rooms full of look-at-me hats and feather-friendly capes, of Carrie Bradshaw sandals, of sequined extroverted fabric. And the shy man, not that outgoing at all.

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