Sunday, February 8, 2009

Journal Write: Write about the joyous moments of your day....

Okay, so tonite I was out to dinner with BB and K. As usual, I brought out my digital camera and started taking pictures of them, and they took pictures of me. But all my pictures turned out really bad and so did theirs. That's when we decided to only take bad pictures. We purposefully tried to look awful in our pictures. We were laughing pretty hard. The people at the table next to us seemed to be getting off on our laughter. We had silly energy.

I notice that when I'm with K I always end up laughing a lot. She's got outrageously big energy and she's irreverently funny. There's something about her that gets me in touch with my silly side. How do people do that?

Mike also has that big irreverent kind of silliness that invites people in. He's fun. Maybe it's the irreverent part. He doesn't care what anybody thinks and so I stop caring too.

I love that pure joy of laughing over stupid things, when something goes loose inside of you.

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