Thursday, August 7, 2014

Red Room Now Closed...

My Red Room blog is now defunct, and so I am back here again...

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Canon G10

I have this wonderful new camera that I basically don't know how to use. Finally, I decided to pay for some, three, individual lessons and I start Tuesday. Everyday I look at photos on Flickr and love love love how people document their lives. They are so into it and I want to be into it too, but I need some skills with my newly beloved camera.

Last night (new subject) I rented and watched "L'enfant," a wonderful movie that I had rented a year ago, having to solely depend upon the English sub-titles to understand it. I wanted to see if my skill level had changed. It had. I now watched it with French sub-titles and followed it pretty well. I'm wondering where I'll be at next year at this time...

S wants to be friends with me again, having forgiven me for being me, I guess. I told him that for right now I would just like to see him at the Saturday meditation meeting, and he respects that boundary. I saw him today and it was really nice. Having boundaries is something new for me. It's the theme of my life lately -- learning to set boundaries with little S, boundaries here, boundaries there. I think this boundary thing is going to be life-changing for me -- what it does is to show me that I can take measures around how much I want to give and not rush into things. With little S, it's also about how much I want to give...

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Ce soir, je regarde un film s'appelle Terre. Les éléphants sont aveuglés par le sable et sont à la recherche d'eau. Ils sont au milieu d'une tempête de poussière. Maintenant, il s'agit d'un tigre qui fait rage dans le caribou. Le chasseur et le chassé. Le cercle de la vie. Maintenant, c'est encore les éléphants. Les lions se préparent à les attaquer. Les éléphants sont gris et magnifiquement ridé et ont des yeux très petits.

Lentement, Mais Sûrement

Les dernières fois que j'ai parlé sur Skype avec mes amis français, j'ai remarqué une grande différence. Voilà, je commence à parler en phrases. Je ne pourrais pas dire tout à fait correctement, mais les mots qui sortent de ma bouche sont des phrases. Ce qui me rend si heureuse. J'ai l'impression que j'apprends lentement, mais sûrement ...

Saturday, August 1, 2009

From 600 Second Write

Write for 10 minutes on the word "anticipation..."


Tomorrow I am going to a wedding reception, my pal Peggy, 52, having gotten married this Friday. Her first marriage and it's to Jackie, who is in her forties.

I am anticipating taking tons of photos with my new Canon G10 and hopefully they will turn out ok. I would be happy happy happy if 3 or 4 of them turn out really good, or even one. It's so exciting to "find" that photograph that has been waiting to be taken, magically waiting for you to arrive with your camera.

Horrors! I do not own any good "grown-up" clothes anymore and the only fancy thing I have to wear is proper-looking black pants and accompanying sweater. Maybe I can find a cool scarf to wear that will dress it up a bit.

I'll be the roving photographer...

Friday, July 31, 2009

Journal Prompt: What was the last compliment you received?

Hmm... Good question. I am often told that I look younger than 62, and this is meant as a compliment. But the thing is, looking old at 62 is really a thing of my mom's generation. Women dress more youthful today -- I dress like a teenager half the time -- and we have a freedom and an independence that our mom's lacked.

Independence and the ability to choose what you want to do has its own collagen, its own anti-wrinkle ability. My mom was saddled down in an era where women had very little choice about their lives, careers, relationships. Now women are doing all kinds of crazy wonderful things and age is becoming younger.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Perfect Strangers

Tonight I am watching Perfect Strangers, a thriller, with Halle Berry and Bruce Willis. Some of the sub-titles are:

1. Don't betray your friends. Ne trahis pas tes amis.

2. Take the virtual tour. Fais la visite virtuelle.

3. Fais de beaux rêves. Sweet dreams.

4. You are fired. Vous êtes renvoyée.

5. Esmeralda avait raison. Esmeralda was right.